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Seated and Gentle Exercises For You To Try At Home

It is important to be active at a level that is safe and comfortable for you.

Please click here for further details on safely increasing your activity levels.


Seated Total Body Strength

How to exercise in the office

The British Heart Foundation offers a range of general information and tips for becoming more active including booklets you can download for free:

Get Active for Your Heart

Information if you'd like to start jogging when very overweight:

Jogging when very overweight

To find out what may be available for you locally you could try a disability forum, your local council website, or:

Inclusive Fitness

There are also a number of books, DVD's and videos available which you may find helpful which you can find on by searching for 'gentle exercise', 'seated exercise' or 'integrated exercise'.

And finally, you may feel like becoming more active is just going to be too hard. Whatever you do, even just small steps can help you on the way to achieving your goals. We were recently contacted by Pat who explained how she increased her physical activity:

"My name is Patricia (Pat). For many years I was diagnosed as morbidly obese, which at over 29 stone I was. I have to date lost 12st 13lb and obviously I still have about 7 stones to go, but find exercise so much easier than when I first started to change my life.

It was not always like that though, some day's it was as much as I could do to be hauled from my bed, but I persisted. Not knowing if this was going to be yet 'another' flash in the pan I did not want my husband to buy me any special equipment to start with, so I started with a small exercise bike machine (the sort where you sit in your own armchair) and started at 30 seconds twice a day while lifting a tin of baked beans in each hand. I progressed up to 10 minutes on the bike machine and a carrier bag with 2lb spuds and two tins of beans in each hand. From this I plucked up the courage to go to the gym, oh the embarrassment but I persevered. I now go to the gym 3 times a week, swim and attend water aerobics once a week and play badminton once a week. Not bad from 2 tins of beans!!!

It proves it can be done but it has to be done and guided by your own resilience. I always have a giggle when I get a tin of beans out now."


Becoming More Active, Wherever You're Starting From


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