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Top Tips for becoming more active


Your daily activity can be broken down into more manageable chunks.

For example three 10 minutes sessions throughout the day will burn as many calories as one 30 minute session.

Whatever your size or level of activity, remember that the body takes a while to adjust to new things so it important to be consistent with your efforts and build up slowly.  


Setting a small and achievable goal can be a great first step towards increasing activity.

For example, if you currently spend most of your day seated, you might want to start by aiming to do 10 minutes of a light activity (of your choice) 2 days a week for one month. We've included a goal sheet below that you can use to plan what you are going to do.


Muscle fitness exercises can be even more important if you find more vigorous cardiovascular exercise difficult because of limited mobility. Muscles burn energy so if we have less muscle on our body it means that we burn less energy. This doesn't mean you need to become a body builder though! There some examples for you to try on the web links below.


Set small, achievable goals and monitor your progress.

Use the goal sheet below to plan what you're going to do and keep a record of how you're doing.

 SMART Goals

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